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Spirit Guide Messages: Why They Can be Confusing

April 14, 2021 Andrea Belzer Episode 24
Discover. Heal. Thrive. - Your Journey to Unconditional Love
Spirit Guide Messages: Why They Can be Confusing
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Sometimes when we get a message from our spirit guides it makes absolutely no sense. But not to worry that is very common! In this video we cover the reason that the messages coming from your angel spirit guides can be so confusing.

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00:00 Introduction
01:02 Not Meant To Give a Detailed Map
03:08 Wrong Topic
04:03 Timing is Off
06:22 Shifting Outcomes
08:04 Intuitive Applied Own Filters

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welcome to the discover heal thrive podcast my name is Andrea and i am your host today's topic is why when you receive a message from your spirit guide your angel team whatever you want to call it why do sometimes their messages make no sense why sometimes they're just completely off or might not ever even come to fruition what is causing that disconnect so i actually want to dive right on into this because i think it's a fantastic subject and it's an important one to address because if we don't understand the nuances in the messages we receive we begin to not trust them and it's really important that we trust our intuition the messages that we receive in order for us to progress in our life goals so the very first reason that you might go what what the heck what does that even mean is because our angel guides are meant to help us achieve the goal that we set out in life before we come here we set an agreement with our angel guides typically two sometimes more about what we're gonna learn in this life not just for ourselves but them also they learn vicariously through us so we've set those agreements now their job on the spirit side is to help us get there help us achieve what we said we were going to do in this life so i don't have to come back and do it again but they're not there to give us a detailed road map it's not like they're just gonna go oh here you go turn left turn right turn left go backwards three go forwards four no the guide information that comes through is meant to gently steer us we still have to do the work so sometimes a message will come through from our angel team that's a sliver of the piece of information that we need it is then our jobs to follow through and complete the picture now what does this look like well it might be trying what they said to do it might be that they give you a little piece of information that you then need to go explore to understand better and by that i mean like journaling or maybe it's time to go do a past life regression or whatever it might be for you you need to take that little piece of information and move forward in ex finding out what the whole meaning is now the second reason that we might get our messages confused or they might not make sense is that we assume they're for one thing and they're actually for another this one happens to me quite frequently that I've gotten to the point now where I'm given a message and sometimes I'll stop and go okay wait a second is this the subject you're talking about and sometimes i get a yes and sometimes i get up i don't know why don't you go find out so sometimes they push me back to that number one so very commonly we are so focused on one thing that we get that piece of information that they're giving us we assume it's for the one thing we're fixated on and it's actually not it's for something totally and completely different so it's our assumptions that are actually messing it up so the third thing is timing we have a tendency to want to believe that the timing of the message is is that everything's immediate they're telling me something that must mean i need it right now but that's not always the case and part of that is because of the way they perceive time versus the way we perceive time time is a very awkward construct but it might be that they're giving you a piece of information that actually isn't even going to make any difference for months i remember one time i was given a piece of information and it took almost a full year for that realization of what it was to come through so at times i had totally forgotten about it at times i actually went back and fixated i'm like what did they mean by that and finally when it happened i was like oh okay now i know what it is so our timing can be off so when you're given a piece of information you can ask for more clarity on when or you have to trust that if you don't know right now that it will come forward so I'm gonna actually give you a fun example i was doing a reiki session so quick side note when i do reiki on somebody that i actually receive intuitive messages from their angel team and anybody else who wants to pop in and chat and so i was in a reiki session and her angel team started singing a song i didn't think anything of it i just wrote down the song so i could tell her what it was and later when i was talking to her she's like i I've never even heard of a song i don't know what it means i've listened to it it's nothing and that's the case where i said well they were singing it so evidently there is a piece in there for you it might not be till later you might have to get through maybe five six seven things in order for that song to make sense so timing can be off all right the fourth thing is that our realities are constantly changing and this is because of different actions you're taking different actions other people are taking it has to do with free will there's a whole variety of reasons why our realities are constantly changing what this means for the messages that you receive from your spirit team is that they can be wrong very quickly you can receive a message right now and 24 hours later it's not applicable and sometimes we just have to trust that the stuff that we're getting in the moment is right for the moment that doesn't mean they're right forever it means they're right for in the moment this is especially the case when you are getting a message that's for you but might involve other people because you don't control other people you don't control how they're making decisions in their life and how they're reacting to everything so if you're given a piece of information that involves somebody else they make a decision that is actually counter to what was meant to be because of free will then that message can be completely false so know that our realities are constantly changing and when you do receive information it's the best information that you have at that moment in time all right and the fifth and final reason that i want to talk about today applies very specifically to if you are using an intuitive a psychic whatever you want to call them to receive the messages this is where the message might not make sense it might be glitched or it might even be wrong if the intuitive applied their own assumptions their own life experiences and their own interpretations of things so when you are working with somebody else you need to be very aware of where they're at in their journey and that you're not getting their stuff so i'm obviously i can't tell you what everybody else's process is but i can tell you what mine is so first of all i didn't start doing intuitive readings for anybody until i had gone through a large chunk of my stuff now obviously i've still got a lot of stuff but i cleared out a lot of emotional baggage in order to get to the point where i was a clear and perfect channel second i actually clear my space and i clear myself before i do any reiki session uh breaky is the only way that i actually do intuitive readings and that's just a style preference and then finally as i'm in it i don't make assumptions onto what things mean so for example if i'm given a picture i will just either describe the picture exactly or even do a really bad drawing of it and send it over to them i don't want to make an assumption about what it is what it means what it does or anything else because i'm not on your journey you are on your journey so using that example before of the song being sung i also made zero assumptions of why that song was being presented i just gave her the song title so instead of going well maybe it means that you're supposed to do 'xyz' I did it I said here's the song you know i knew what she was working on and I'm like you know I could make assumptions but i don't know so and then the final thing that i do is i actually ask for clarification if i think it might be getting stuck in my my stuff or I'm not hearing them correctly i actually stop and have them resay it or I'll stop and say is this for them actually or is it for somebody else because sometimes when you are intuitive some other people can pop in so i'm very clear so how can you tell if the intuitive that you're using is using their own assumptions i really wish there was a clear way that you could tell but honestly you can't what you can do is trust your intuition if you are getting the gentle nudge that you're not supposed to use this person something doesn't feel right then don't go down that road because it can be very scary to make decisions or head down a path based on information that was full of somebody else's gunk so i'm going to actually give you a personal example while i was going through my emotional healing process and i was working with a lot of people i worked with coaches mentor spiritual teachers lots of stuff one of which was a spiritual coach but intuitive and looking back on it now i see everything very clearly but back then i truly thought she was great i really did and she was she was fantastic for where i was at that time but i almost made a very major decision in my life based on what she said but something didn't feel quite right something there was a disconnect i kept looking at what she said about it was about a relationship kept looking at what she said about the relationship and then applied what i knew and then at the same time and this is when i was developing my skills at the same time tapped into what my team was saying that i could hear and registered that there was a disconnect and so i stepped back and reassessed everything not only the information that she had provided but also my working with her but i would not have fast forward a couple of months i actually figured out what the disconnect was and i figured out what assumptions of hers she was putting on to the situation and what she had it healed anyway i digress i'm making this a really long story but the point being is that i was given a piece of information and it didn't sit well with me and it didn't sit well not in a sense that i was upset or didn't like the information and that my intuition and my own angel team was tapping me on the shoulder going no no no no no no so if you are working with somebody and it doesn't feel right if the messages that they're saying are coming from your angel guides don't feel authentic then trust that they're not authentic and move forward so there you go five reasons as to why sometimes the messages we get from our angel team make zero sense um thank you guys so much for joining me today i hope you enjoyed this if you do have questions on this uh depending on what platform you're listening to this on i answer questions over on YouTube my YouTube channel is discover heal thrive so you can go there put the questions in the video of this podcast and i will get them answered if you are looking for reiki and intuitive messages i would love to help you out you can head to my website discover heal thrive i do one-on-one reiki which allows you to get very specific information and the energy clear clearing and physical healing that comes with reiki if you aren't necessarily ready for one-on-one reiki part of my patreon levels is group reiki so you can go to forward slash Andrea Belzer b-e-l-b-e-l-z-e-r and there is an option for monthly group reiki what we do there is i do reiki for the whole group and i won't necessarily get specific messages for they won't say hey tell bob over there but i will get messages that then i share with everybody and people typically know what is going on so thank you guys so much for joining me today and i will chat with you later